Watership Down

All the world will be your enemy ….. and when they catch you, they will kill you.

A timeless classic comes alive in this enchanting movie based on the worldwide best-selling novel by Richard Adams. A delightful film for audiences of all ages.

Nestled among the rolling hills and peaceful meadows of England lives a community of rabbits. When their warren is threatened, a small group of brave rabbits escapes into the unknown countryside in search of a new home. Led by the visionary Fiver, the courageous Bigwig, the clever Blackberry, and the honourable Hazel, they face daunting challenges, and use their strength and cunning to survive, while pursuing their dream.

Director Martin Rosen frames the tale largely at the expense of the rabbits, so that we identify with each one. Packed with excitement and adventure, Watership Down is an engaging, thrilling tale that celebrates traditional values of loyalty, courage, and spirit. Deeply moving in a way that no other animated film has ever achieved.

Actors/Credits: John Hurt as Hazel, Sir Ralph Richardson as Chief Rabbit, Denholm Elliott as Cowslip, Zero Mostel as Kehaar, Michael Horden as Frith/Narrator, Nigel Hawthorne as Captain Campion, Richard Briers as Fiver, Hannah Gordon as Hyzenthlay

Special Features:
1:85:1 Original Theatrical Ratio – Enhanced for widescreen t.v.’s
Region 4 Exclusive: Audio Commentary with Director Martin Rosen
Scene Access
Rabbit words glossary
Region 4 Exclusive: Extensive ‘in-production’ stills gallery
Theatrical Trailer
Animated Menus
Digitally remastered print
Cast biographies
Region 4 Exclusive: The Real Watership Down Gallery
Region 4 Exclusive: Double-sided Sleeve

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